Chester – how Compulsive Drawing in class became Xbox game platform

this is exactly the kind of feeling that made me actually do this site. if you are a compulsive drawer and you treat your compulsive drawing right, you can make it big.

here is the story of Benjamin Friedrich and his design or Chester told in an article on

Want to be a game designer? Start doodling in class.

That’s how Benjamin Friedrich came up with the designs for Chester, a stylish platformer he released for the Xbox 360 Indie Marketplace several weeks ago. It’s a gorgeous, clever game filled with bizarre characters and level designs — the type of experience you’ll want to play through just to see everything.

Art is the main source of fuel for Chester, which features an array of different styles for each of its levels. With one push of a button you can switch up the scenery, turning your current stage into a chiaroscuro painting or a Warner Bros.-style cartoon. As you progress through the game, you can pick up different types of aesthetics and styles to add to your collection. Though some are more visually appealing than others, the sheer number of choices is stunning.

“Almost all of the art in the game was designed while I probably should have been instead paying attention in one class or another,” Friedrich said in an e-mail to “So I suppose the moral of the story is [that] doodling in notebooks during all of your classes pays off.”


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