Cristi I, Genuine Compulsive Drawer

After writing an entire page about something I was trying to learn (taking notes actually and adding some of my own) I finally couldn’t think about anything else to write and my last note’s end was the phrase “clever last line”. I remembered the line Porky Pig used “That’s all folks” and then i started thinking about him, how would I draw him, at the same time compulsively drawing some circles… and squares on top of each other. Then I started drawing Porky Pig, looks quite good.
After him I filled the page and 2 other with drawings.
Hmm , drawing, I guess I didn’t know I had it in me. I’ll take pictures after I finish my galactic warrior ( all started from some shapes embroidered on the room’s window curtains ) 😀

The galactic warrior I was telling you about looks more like an aztec one. It all turned up ok in my opinion regarding the fact I haven’t drawn anything in my life.