Design a Holiday Card Month !!!!!

I am constantly struggling to project virtual happenings to real life. And since is doing the exact opposite (usually) I thought of reversing a bit the process.

In December I want to physically send compulsive drawn real-life cards to the first 100 people that sen me an address on the mail.  Moreover, I would like this to be a project of human closeness as the card will be sent from both the designer and the friend of the person who receives the card.

For starters:

You can be the designer of a printed winter holidays card!

Anybody who isn’t a professional drawer (doesn’t make money from drawing) can make one winter holiday card.

I will collect them all the month of November and in December I will display them on the site.  As I said, the first 100 people who send me an address will get to send the card of their choice to a dear one, at their very home.


What you need to know:

  • the drawing has to be on plain paper (no stripes, no squares – easier to process)
  • 150 resolution scan*
  • 1200×1600 is best
  • winter holiday wish incorporated in the drawing
  • deadline: 20th of November (used to be 30Th, but I changed my mind, I realized I need more time to post them)
  • only 1 submission accepted per person

I am waiting for your cards at

May the compulsive Dragin force be with you!


*if you don’t have a scanner, write me, and i can give you an address where to send the drawing by mail.