Dragos, copywriter to be

I usually stop and freeze frames. Take a look at the world around me. You can find inspiration in every little thing around you, only if you just stop and get a whole picture of the thousands of thoughts, smiles, people, all the stuff passing you by in that instant of a second. I’m driven by feelings, so most of the time feelings generate ideas for me. I’m in the process of discovering myself and my abilities. I’ve been working for almost 4 months in a multinational, on the marketing department, and I realized how much I am NOT the corporate kind of guy. Sure, marketing is nice, but my place is in an agency. I want to build concepts, play with words, reach peoples’ emotions, make them smile. I hate excel worksheets and stuff like that. If I have to work more than 10 minutes in that file I’ll do everything wrong, not because I don’t know how to work, but because I slightly suffer from ADHD J)). A sincere smile is worth than a loud laugh or anything else. Just like a kiss is way more profound than having sex(sometimes :D). Anyway, I’m trying to pull myself together and get ready to apply for every agency I can “get my hands on”, and in order to do that, I write and draw. Most of the times at work, when I get sick of doing stuff I don’t like. So here are the stories of my 3 drawings(I took pictures of them, hope they are qualitative enough):



That’s about it. I’ll be back with more. Love your idea, it brought a smile on my face.



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  1. Daniela wrote:

    I Live In My Own World.
    Foarte dragutz asta. Mult succes, Dragos!