Mircea, At the End of Moleskine

My Moleskine always follows me, whether if I’m on the train or in a meeting room.

I have received it 6 years ago, from my first CD. We’ve rarely been separated since, that is my Moleskine and I.
My Moleskine has to sides:
The beginning, where logic and cohesive thoughts get written down
The end, it’s where I start scribbling, braking the monotony of annoying meetings, useless presentations, long talks on the phone,
argumentative discussions with close ones, and sometimes that pesky self-reflexive talk

In my case  ‘compulsive drawing’ or doodling mostly mirrors my inner state at the particular moment of distraction.

My moleskin is old now, it’s been torn apart by the continuous switch between reality and escapism.


All the best to all the compulsive drawers out there.



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  1. laura wrote:

    nice one!