Mr Tigo, owner of billionaire dog

i had the honor to get a short interview from mr tigo, one of the most original compulsive drawers i have met so far.

laura: good morning mr tigo!
mr tigo: indeed, laura, this is a good morning for me.
laura: mr tigo, let’s talk about your drawings, what can u say about your style?
mr tigo: what style? i leave everything to chance
laura: i understand
mr tigo: when ideas don’t flow, the drawings come

laura: can you say that you enter a certain state of mind?
mr tigo:
laura: when the pen starts wandering…
mr tigo: i can say just one thing: i never know what i’m gonna get. that’s for sure. i often intervene after i finished the work. you can say i am a perfectionist.

laura: i have seen that the animal motif is a recurrent one. any particular reason?
mr tigo: thetiriacofdogs is the portrait of my dog
laura: is he rich in dog money?cause you know that a dog’s year equals 7 human years, i suppose the same thing is valid to their wealth. since time is money.
mr tigo: he is in top 3 billionaires
mr tigo: and he’s 21
laura: very young billionaire!
mr tigo: i will send you a picture, because i can see you want to.
laura: that’d be great!

laura: one last thing: a message for the compulsive drawers around the world
mr tigo: you’re not alone!
laura: thank you, mr tigo!