Agenda ^^ – Galerie Completa


  1. Velvet wrote:

    The veil of the temple was rent from top to Bottom. The heaven opened & amidst thunder & Liithengngs Apostle John saw the Arc of the covenant in the temple there.

  2. Basics: blaue Jeans, schwarze Jeans, anthrazitirgendwasse Jeans. Einfarbige dunkle T-Shirts. Schwarzes Hemd, weißes Hemd, graues Hemd, weißes Hemd (usw)Schwarzer Hoodie, grauer Hoodie.Schwarzer Anzug.Ziemlich viele Chucks in verschiedenen Farben.»ich versuche ein bisschen Dunkelheit auf meinem Rücken zu tragenBis Dinge heller werden bin ichder Mann in Schwarz«

  3. Doug and Kristin’s back yard is really pretty … even nicer than the pictures indicate. We too have just returned from sitting in the indoor tent while Kristin went out … by the way, why not ask her why she left with only a couple of shirts for Doug to wear!!!Kristin has just returned home and you guessed it, turned on her favourite soap to watch! She claims she is on holidays …. hmmmm…..does that mean she was “on holidays” in Ontario too???