The Monthly Contest

Familiar or not, gives away a small moleskine sketchbook for one of the month’s uploaders.

Maybe you know it already, maybe not, each and every month the winner is picked on  differnt compulsive criteria.

This month the schetchbook goes to that person who has more letters in his/hers name as the last person who appears on notifications of the facebook page of the site. that means:

1. friday, 30 th of september 23.00 i go to our facebook page and check the notifications.

2. i make a printsceen with what i see

3. i list the letters of the participats’ names (only the name that appears in the tile)

4. i list the letters in the surname (surname only) of the last person interacting with the fb page

5. i spend an awful amount of time calculating letters and shit

6. i will probably get more equivalent results than just one

7. if there are more results, i do the same with the previous person’s surname that interacted with the fb page.

8. it’s going to be awful.

9. i am going to publish the winners when i finish this algorithm, at a date that i do not know right now.

10. i will try to find out the address where i can mail the schetchbook

11. i will mail the schetchbook

thank you for understanding. also, if you have better ideas on how to pick the winner, please write me an email

i need them.