Alfred, Sketches


I have never been part of a sketching workshop or specific course, and most of times I start doodling when I’m supposed to be concentrated in anything else than art. For example, when I’m in my school classes. I don’t know if I do this because I get bored easily or because sometimes there are subjects that doesn’t deserve so much attention, but the true is that i could spend hours and hours just drawing different kind of lines.

I guess the main reason why I’m sketching is to get all of the weird things out of my head. So I put all those monsters growing in my mind in some purposeless lines and in the end, I realize that everything gains sense. it’s a very personal experience, though. when i look back over the years through my old drawings, i remember every one of them, every emotion that led me to this form of self-expression.

I’m fascinated by sacred geometry; plane or solid figures, polygons, triangles, squares are related to numbers and were considered to have a bigger emotional value by being visual. A triangle for exemple, could express better the number “three” than the glyph itself. In my sketches, I use a bunch of those symbols over and over again so that, the characters are basically the same, but somehow different in any piece of my creation.

The best definition of my style is “amalgam” kind of art. I completely use the whole time overloading a piece of paper by drawing lines, dots, faces or just simply parts of it (eyes, noses, lips), different types of crosses and so forth. I guess I have a pretty damaged brain that is constantly trying to communicate using pencils and paper ^_^