CompulsiveDrawer Colouring Book (vol I)

It came natural. An alternative colouring book for children all ages made by creative parents and childhood fans.

The brief sounded like this:

“”Imagine you are at a terrace with a kid you want to impres (it can be your kid, a kid you know, yoursef when you were tiny).

He asks you to draw something for him/her to colour. What would you do?

All the artists donated their drawings. The print quality electronic version of the book is free to download here.


We are open for submission for the second volume.

300 dpi scan of an a4 drawing. Please use medium thick black liner, unless your compulsivenes dictetes differently.

send it  to



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    • Matty wrote:

      You’ve got the relationships set, know what data you have and what you want.  Now comes the hard part.  Cleaning up your data and quntliaativety creating relationships using ID numbers (those Primary Keys you saw in last week’s post).