Crina Cranta, Looney Drawings


1. Do you consider yourself a compulsive drawer?
  …and, again : YES
2. How would you describe your style
My style is like a creature : pretty alive yet so unknown
3. What inspires you?
Dreams/feelings/clouds/tropical islands from another universe/alchemy/travels/nature
4. What was the craziest place you ever drew on?Nothing crazy just regular nerd stuff: when everyone is having fun i’m just having fun in another universe and doodle something about it

1990 printesa






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  1. Chuck wrote:

    I really wish there were more arielcts like this on the web.

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  3. Digger tape!!..og kjekt du har kost deg pÃ¥ tur..synd med regn da…HÃ¥per bryluppet blir fantastisk..det er en herlig begivenhet!!Ha en super helg…fine du!!God klem fra meg:)