Crowd funding for scanner – Calin Notebook

Last summer I made compulsive portraits on the street. That is portraits on the spot with my 0 experience as an illustrator.

People not only didn’t beat me up, but they encouraged me. I raised 200 lei back then (60 something dollars). I was so excited I made money from art, that I wanted to buy something nice to help me in my fresh illustrator carrier – a scanner.

But a scanner is around 100 euros so I need to double the sum. I came up with a design for a notebook that I am now selling. If I sell 100, I will get a really nice scanner.


The notebook has a name Călin (file din poveste) – Călin (pages of a tale) – refference to the poem bearing the same name.


Călin is a fine quality product. A little something about him:

– he has model parameters: 14×18,5 cm

– he has 60 blank pages

– he is ready for drawing – 80g/m2 paper

– he’s a hipser and eco – made out of 100% recycled paper

– it costs 15 lei (5 dollars)

– it can be ordered in a private message on my FB page