Flaviu Moldovan

My name is Flaviu Moldovan and i am a young artist living in Cluj-Napoca.
My big love for drawing gave me a compulsive portfolio that you can find it here:
Preluca 2100
1. Preluca 2100 
This was made outside in nature, during a creative camp that took place in Preluca, a beautiful village from Maramures, Romania. The drawing represents a Pinochio,  that refers to a moment in my life when i was overwhelmed by my office job and the first contact with nature after 3 years of city life.
The Anticipation of Ana
2. The Anticipation of Ana
This drawing was made in 2011 in Copenhagen. This was the moment when i experienced splendid solitude in a beautiful scandinavian city.This portrait is like a prophetic appearance of Ana, a special person that i met later in the year.
3. Confucius
Back in 2004 i used to have spontaneous acts of drawings on all king of cheep papers without any further plan. Many of those drawings remained just some simple sketches that remind of my first aesthetic interests and Confucius is one of theme, it comes out as a very serious work that became one of my favorite from the period.
About my art:

“In my works, I mix truths that defined me as an artist and pure visionary facts. I grew up in a rich natural environment, somewhere near Transylvania. All my childhood I played outside, especially contemplating the sky full of stars. A bit later, technology has entered my life through Design, Video, Film, Music and Photography, leading me to some new discoveries. 

The characters that I’m painting are pure representations of our ancestral inner technology. The mimics of my portraits are perplexed, as they have met an ambiguous future. All these sensations and emotions come from inside a simple man, a peasant facing machines and new dimensions; an archaic I engaged in a full time dialogue with his superior self. “


  1. Mellie wrote:

    This webiste makes things hella easy.

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