Ian Franks, syria. kindof. (excerpt)


This just is one drawing from the “syria. kindof.” series made by freelancer copywriter Ian Frank.

Here is what Ian says about himself and what drives him.

“There are things that drive us, each of us individually and within our commonality. The Big things, Life, Love, Happiness, Despair, Loneliness, all that stuff. But there’s something else. Something even more prescient that hangs on the edge of our existence. The big questions. Who am I? What’s it all about? and Where am I going?

It’s this last that has always fascinated me. Through Art College, 30 years of successful adland life, it’s still there. It’s not just where am I going though, more importantly it’s how will I get there? Who will I meet? How will these interactions change my own action? Will it be people in authority, or learned thinkers, or trivial fly-by-night, chance meetings,

that drive my personal narrative? And don’t my own meetings change other people’s directions and even purpose? Like John Wayne in The Searchers, or Gimli meeting Legolas, it’s all about consequences.

My work is a direct example of this on-going conversation. The characters we meet every day and those we re-meet again and again, some bearing their own icons of belief, vision and violence even, that make them unique, make them “needed to be listened to”, and heard. And maybe those characters, with their wandering gaze and slightly chaotic lives will help us find our purpose? Or maybe they’ll just play along for the hell of it all?”

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