The Actual Physical Material “Universal Coloring Book” is available

  • 32 artists (illustrators, designers, art directors, creatives, writers) and a fireman
  • 47 pages printed on one side only
  • detachable sheets (perfect for fridge exhibitions or framing)
  • interactive section at the end
  • a cover you can color



cover by Vlad Macarie – illustrator, animator, art director @McCann Erickson Bucharest; owns beard and has worth mentioning achievements  in gaming – 3rd division FIFA player, platinum Starcraft Jedi


drawing by Adrian Iota “Agi” – illustrator (top 200 worldwide Lurzer 2014), art director, tattoo designer


drawing by Celia Draganoaia – creative @ BBDO Bucharest, independent film maker



drawings by Cristian Moldovan – freelance illustrator, designer, art director



drawing by Andreea Chirica – illustrator, author of delicious book The Year of the Pioneer. you can see her last works here



drawing by Raluca Turliu Cobilanschi, visual artist; check her projects here


 drawing by Romi – brilliant creative @Publicis Bucharest


drawing by Arpi Rezi – Art Director Extraordinaire – Cannes Lions tamer @McCann Bucharest


drawing by Noper – Illustrator Jedi and Visual Artist. He has also been elected one of the best 200 illustrators woldwide by Luerzer. Check his latest installation – Feed Me – and many more on his FB page 


drawing by illustrator, story teller, art director and clothes designer Loreta Isaac



It’s really hard to put a stop. Every page has a story and every artist is exeptional. I am not just saying that.


i f you like to purchase the book, you can now order it online

drop a message in our inbox on FB or mail (

or find it on etsy

price: 25 lei + transport; 7 euros + transport


special thanks to Gabriel Gherca and Cristi Anton for the layout







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