Anamaria Biro, The Handful Project

When Anamaria Biro got to know, she felt inspired to start The Handful Project – 1 drawing of her hand every day for 365 days.


1 “It is a hand that misses very much the Black Sea (even if drawn with Blue ballpoint pen :-))”

2 bis

“Today I got really excited about the idea that struck me last night. That’s why I did not take my laptop to work from home. So, while not working from home, I got myself a nice notebook that I will take with me, all the time, for at least the next 363 days.”


“The second compulsively drawn hand is about trying to make the hands become very good friends with my new notebook”


“- What day is it? – It’s Friday. – My favorite day!”


4. The color quality test couldn’t pass, Because the testers had to take a… Nap.


5. “There’s this cool game called “Would you prefer?” with all kind of crazy questions about totally random stuff and you need to choose from two horrible options. One of the questions is: -Would you prefer to have fingers the size of your toes or toes the size of your fingers?”


6. “Smile, you’re on CCTV!”


7. “While waiting for the firefighters to kill the fire in the building across the street from ours and the electricity company to repair the electric wires.”

You can see her progress everyday in this FB album


  1. Not all who draw are illustrators and not all who work with numbers have only the left brain hemisphere. Anamaria Brio is working as an economist in London. She used to love drawing and she used to draw.

  2. Genevieve wrote:

    Maar help me ff, welke a.p langeaert staat er dan op de lijst van de partij voor zeeland voor de warg0schapsverkiezineen?&#822t;Als actiegroep associëren we ons niet met politieke partijen” maar wel op de lijst van de PvZ gaan staanVolstrekt ongeloofwaardig Guus. Van mij mag je, maar dan niet zo verongelijkt reageren