Razvan Klein, 2 notebooks

Razvan is a graphic designer. And as you would expect, his notebooks are amazing. In the gallery below you can see a small selection from 2 of his notebooks – the agendas he uses at work daily. 
We asked Razvan a few questions, to find out more about himself.
CD: Do you like drawing?
RK: I like to express myself, and drawing is one of the ways I manage to get out part of the stuff that’s in my head.

CD: Do you have artistic studies?
RK: I believe you do need to study. Study covers some of the answers to your question; answers that most of the time turn into new questions and so on. I study art with a professor privately.
CD: How often do you draw compulsively?
RK: Whenever I feel compulsive.
CD: What are your plans with your notebooks?
RK: I keep them. I want to make an exhibition at some point.
CD: What does drawing mean to you?
RK: Another form of expression and utterance.
CD: We all draw when we are kids. Why do you think people stop drawing? 
RK: They stop when they stop feeling. It’s interesting why they start in the first place.
CD: What makes a drawing beautiful?
RK: The feeling in the eye of the beholder.
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