Rebecca Dennison, Yale

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a compulsive drawer (and wannabe illustrator)

This is a creation I made in a training session on procurement, we had a to do an ice breaker which resulted in me drawing a key (the Yale one) the remainder was completed in the rest of the insanely boring session! This was made using A4 lined paper and an overhead projector pen (provided by the facilitator).
After work that day I came home scanned in the picture and had it made into fabric which ended up being this….




Our note: Rebecca is in fact an awesome illustrator. You can check her pretty drawings on her FB page The Little Wolf Illustration

Sometimes she sells stuff on Etsy. I wish this blouse were available to sell, but it’s not.

One Comment

  1. This is completely fabulous, all the more so for being done on lined paper with an overhead projector pen. Make art with what you have. Joyous. xo