Sandu Paul, Untitled Drawings [Interview]


CD: Why are you drawing?

SP: I draw to free myself of what I cannot do through words. Everything I draw has no conscience whatsoever, I could joke by saying “I am absent” as Me in that moment


CD: What do you do for a living?

SP: I am a massage therapist /technician. I practice relaxation, and medical recovery massage.


CD: We all draw when we are children. Why do you think some people stop?

SP: Some stop, some go on… Because many of us are educated to choose a “serious carrier” and drawing has little significance for most of the parents. Also art develops with the comparison stigma and only the exceptional out of the ordinary cases are praised. I think we are all talented as long as we are given the permission to.


CD: Have you had a break from drawing?

SP: Sure. And it was a pretty big one. I used to draw a lot in elementary school. Until I got frustrated by the comparison with others, and I stopped believing drawing can help me in any way.


CD: What is your favorite drawing?

SP: The one with the human face and the chess game. It doesn’t have a name, but I drew it 2-3 years ago in a moment of depersonalization. All the roads in my life were directed to the same question: what do I really do? Where am I heading? Doodling made me feel caressed and where nobody understood the dilemma of my own Ego, the paper did.

Drawing itself represents a moment of restlessness, carved in a pencil, here and there, with the talks in my head: musing going out from my ears, my face that robotized day by day, the brain that played an endless game of chess, where the Good and Bad were living their daily distractions.

I was already in Bucharest when I drew it, I was probably suffocated by the big city life.



CD:  When do you feel more inspired to draw?

SP: Lately I only draw whenever I feel empty, without direction…it throws me back on the saddle of my goal so to say [grin emoticon]


CD: What do you plan on doing with your drawings?

SP: At the moment I want them to reach the sight of the many in the underground. The street is the biggest gallery for an exhibition. My drawings will become stickers on the streets of Bucharest.