Ana-Maria, Cat-O-Unicorn-O-Fox

I kind of draw all sorts of things when I am talking on the phone, in classes, meetings or stuff, but I never thought to actually do something with them, until now, when I decided to show the world my things. I am not a talent but I am still doing it, I don’t know why.”

[Compulsive Drawer addendum: because you are a compulsive drawer that is why :)]


Little Interview:

CD: What was the meeting/course/workshop about?
AM: It was a phone call. 🙂
CD: What does the drawing represent?
AM: A fantastic animal.
CD: What inspires you?
AM: Magic and happiness
CD: Wow would you describe your style?
AM: Sloppy, chaotic, crazy.

CD: Don’t forget to show your love to Ana as this is her first submission. Likes and shares count.