What’s this site all about?

Hello, My name is Laura and I am a Compulsive Drawer

What is a Compulsive Drawing?

It’s a drawing you make while doing something else.

Like for instance during a meeting, a class, a presentation or… and I have seen it… a church service.

It is a fun semiconscious activity that helps you focus and (as studies have recently proved) improve your memory with 29%.

And because the life of these drawings is short and usually ends when you throw away your notebook or sheet of paper, I decided to make a collection here, on this very site.

compulsive drawer from Celia Draganoaia on Vimeo.

Story narrated by: Laura Leonte
Director/Camera: Celia Draganoaia
Edit: Celia Draganoaia
Special thanks to Vlad Macarie, Mihai Bumbu & all the compulsive drawers that contributed with their drawings
Music: Sigur Ros

If you are a Compulsive Drawer too, please upload your masterpieces by yourself on Tumblr or send them in an e-mail to submit@compuslivedrawer.com

It’s art, not doodle.