Submit your own

Don’t over think it!

Just scan or photograph your compulsive drawing and send me an e-mail at

You can also send your message on our FB page in a message.

A compulsive drawings is a drawing made while doing something else (meeting, phone talk, course, church service, you name it)! Please stick to that.

It would also  be nice of you to provide your Name to go by and Title of the Submission (ex. Alex, Laboratory of Bore)


When we(you and I)’ll get famous I will probably have an Upload page.

Also, please make a little presentation of your drawing/style. Possible topics that would make the story more exciting:

  • what was the meeting/course/workshop about?
  • what does the drawing represent?
  • what inspires you?
  • how would you describe your style?

It might seem complicated, but after the first submission you’ll master it like a true Jedi.

All styles accepted – geometrical, linear, chaotic, anything!
You can send as many e-mails as you wish. At the same time or in time.

May the compulsive force be with you!